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What Size Shed Do I Need?

If you are wondering what size shed you will need you are not alone. Many of our clients know they want a new shed, but they have no idea how to plan their shed. To help you on your way, we’ve put together this quick guide to planning your perfect new shed.

Choosing Your New Shed

The size of your new shed will depend on your individual needs so it’s a good idea to write down all the things you plan on using the shed for. Draw up a rough plan on a piece of paper (don’t worry how rough!). Include the following:

  • Any shelving or work tables you will need and their rough measurements
  • Power and lighting needs including WiFi
  • Natural light requirements
  • Security needs (for example, expensive tools and equipment will require extra security measures)
  • Ventilation and heat regulation
  • Colour scheme

If your shed will be used for agriculture or as a workshop, you will need to consider access doors. You may also want to think about a water tank to make the most of any drainage from the roof.

Start Shopping For Your New Shed

Once you’ve worked out the rough size of your new shed it’s time to contact your local shed builder and ask for a quote. A reputable shed builder like All About Sheds will be able to talk you through the shed building process, including Council approval, and provide a cost estimate. Shed prices vary and will depend on whether you want supply only or supply and build.

Cool Shed Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your new shed? These shed designs are a good place to start. If you’re ambitious, you might want to check out Australia’s biggest and best sheds as detailed in Scotty’s Top Aussie Sheds. If you need any local shed advice, please don’t hesitate to contact All About Sheds – building sheds Australia wide.