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Secure and Organise Your Garage Shed : 3 Tips

Whether you have, or are planning on purchasing, a single garage, a triple garage or a garage workshop, your garage shed is an important asset. That’s why keeping it secure and organised is important.  A garage is a place to work on your car, tackle DIY projects and keep your valuable tools and sporting equipment. These quick tips will help you on your way towards a well-ordered shed, where your valuables are safe, so you can you can sit back and relax.

Organise With Shelving & Hooks

It’s easy for your garage to turn into something resembling a junkyard. If you continue to pile things in without proper organisation, you will find yourself with a cluttered space where it is next to impossible to find anything. We’re all guilty of stashing items from the house in the garage to create more space – it makes for a quick and easy solution. However, ‘stuff’ quickly piles up and takes over the entire space. Garage shelving units and hooks are affordable solutions to your storage problems. Organise all your smaller items (camping gear, tools and sports equipment for example) with shelving and grab some garage hooks and hangers for bikes, surfboards, snowboards, ladders and other large items.

Safety Matters

Even if you think you live in a safe area, it’s important to ensure your garage is secure. This means investing in high-quality doors and keeping them locked. Installing security lighting will also deter potential thieves. Solar Motion Sensor LED Lights are ideal as they don’t use any electricity and will turn on, day or night, whenever someone approaches your garage. Don’t forget the windows either. Make sure they have locks and coverings so your valuables aren’t on display.

Light It Up

If you plan on using your garage shed to work on your car or other DIY projects, lighting is essential. Even if you have natural light from a window or skylight, there will be occasions where you’ll need additional lighting sources. When it comes to garage lighting, there are plenty of options available including batten lighting, LED downlights and waterproof options. It’s a good idea to talk to your electrician to work out which option is best for your setup or read this guide to lighting a garage.


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