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Council Approval for Sheds

Question: Do I Need Council Approval For My Shed?

Answer: Probably, but not always!

 The most important rule to remember when it comes to council approval for sheds, garages and cabins is that every council in NSW, and around Australia, has different rules and regulations. 

To avoid problems further down the track, it is vital you contact your local council and find out exactly what their regulations are. Failure to do so could cost you dearly when it comes time to sell, or worst case scenario, you could be fined or forced to remove the building.

Don’t wing it when it comes to council approval. Contact your local council and make sure you are completely certain what you need to do before you start building.

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*The following information relates specifically to Shoalhaven Council.

Exempt Development in the Shoalhaven

Not all garden sheds will require approval. Some will be classed as exempt developments while others will need a complying development certificate. 

All garages require council approval as do secondary dwellings such as cabins and granny flats. 

Find out more about whether you need approval for your shed.

How Long Will Council Approval in the Shoalhaven Take?

It depends, so it is difficult to provide an accurate estimation. What we do know is that if your application is incomplete, it will take longer. Therefore, the best thing you can do to fast-track your application is to make sure it is accurate and complete. 

Some of the forms you can expect to have to submit include:

  • Site plan
  • Engineer papers
  • Building License 

All applications to Shoalhaven Council must be electronic and can be lodged via email or in person. You can track the progress of your application on the Shoalhaven Council website.


Need help? All About Sheds can help you understand the council approval application process specific to your property and the type of shed you are building.