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Council Approval for Sheds

If you want to have more usable storage space in your home, why don’t you consider building a shed instead of moving to a bigger property? Not only is it quicker and more “doable”, a shed is also less expensive. But before you install a shed at your property in the Shoalhaven, there are a few things you need to know to avoid potential problems.

Do I Need Council Approval to Build A Shed in the Shoalhaven?

Before building a shed, you must secure approval from the local council, particularly if the shed is more than 20 square metres in size. But if the shed is smaller than 20 square metres and is lower than 2.4 metres in height, it’s okay to go ahead with its construction without getting approval from Shoalhaven Council.

What Documents Do I Need For Council?

To expedite the process of getting your application approved by the local council, it’s important that you submit ALL the necessary documents. You will need a document stating where exactly on your property you want to build the shed. For this, you will have to measure the distance from the two closest boundaries up to where the wall of the shed will be.

For example, let’s say you want to build the shed in the left-hand corner of your backyard. You should measure the distance from where the left-hand wall of the shed would be up to the left-hand side boundary of your property, as well as the distance between the back wall of the shed and the back of your property boundary. As a rule of thumb for a normal house block, you can build anything in your yard as long as it is 900 millimetres away from the boundary of your property.

Apart from the location of the shed, you will also need to submit a site plan of your land. This should include all boundary measurements and any existing structures built on it.

How Long Will Council Approval Take?

After submitting the required documents, it will take you about four to six weeks to receive council approval. If you want to know how your application is progressing, Shoalhaven Council currently has an online tracking system where you can check the status of your application.

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