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Why Should I Buy From All About Sheds?

All About Sheds has been trading since 1987, hence over 20 years of knowledge and experience is passed on to you when you buy from us.

All About Sheds has a huge range of buildings and can custom make a building to suit your needs exactly. You have several roof pitches, external claddings and colours to choose from that will match the existing features of your home.

All of our garages and sheds are backed by our 5 Star Guarantee and Customer Care Commitments. We put down in writing what you can expect when you deal with All About Sheds.

What Do I Need To Get Started?
A 10% deposit is required upon the signing of your contract. All engineering, plans and specifications will be provided at this point.Your site plan and measurements to indicate where the new building is to go.Signing of your Council Application (if we are doing this on your behalf) by all parties on the property rates notice.
How Long Does The Whole Process Take From Start To Finish To Build A Garage/Shed?

Approximately 10 – 12 weeks:

  1. 4-6 weeks for Council approval.
  2. 4 weeks for your building to be manufactured as each garage is made specifically for our customer ie it is custom made.
  3. 2 weeks for delivery and installation (on average).

So the sooner you start – the better!!!

What Is The Difference Between A Gable Roof And A Skillion Roof?

A gable roof is a peaked roof with gutters on both sides. The pitch (or angle) of the roof can be varied to create different looks.

A skillion roof is flat and slopes one way with a gutter on the low side of the building only.

What Is A Portal Frame?
A portal frame is a common term used in the shed industry and is the frame that spans from side to side at regular intervals (known as bays) along the length of your shed. The length of the shed is determined by the number of “bays” your shed contains e.g. a 9m shed would consist of either 2 x 4.5m bays, or 3 x 3m bays.
What Size Buildings Do You Have?
Every size – big and small, short and tall. Our range include garden sheds, workshop sheds, garages, machinery sheds, farm sheds, industrial sheds …. All About Sheds has a large range of different makes, sizes, types and colours of sheds and can custom make a shed specifically for your needs.
How Do I Know What Size Shed I Need?
This depends on the individual persons needs and a good place to start is by deciding exactly what you will be storing in your new shed. This is easily done by writing down what will be stored in your new shed and then working out the space needed to store each item. Drawing a “mud map” of where things will be placed in the shed helps.
How Long Does Council Approval Take?
On average, between 4 and 6 weeks. Council now has an online tracking system, so if you have access to the internet you can easily see how your application is progressing.
What Do I Need For Council Approval?

You will need to know where about on your property you want to put your new building. You will need to measure the distance from the two closest boundaries to where the wall of your new building will be. For example, if you want to put your new building in the back left hand corner of your backyard, you would need to measure the distance from where the left hand wall of the building would be to the left hand side boundary, and the distance from where the back wall of the building would be to the back boundary.

As a general rule, you can build 900mm from the boundary on a normal house block, but can apply to have it 600mm from the boundary (which will incur an extra charge from Council).

You will also need a site plan of your land, which needs all of the boundary measurements and any existing structures on the land shown e.g. house. The north position also needs to be shown.

Do I Need Council Approval?

Anything over 20 square metres requires approval from Council.

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