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What is A Granny Flat Shed?

Granny Flats come in all shapes and sizes and are very versatile structures. They are often used as home offices, creative spaces for artists and musicians or to house visitors, grandparents, teenagers or extended family. While they sound the same, there are some important differences between a granny flat and a granny flat shed (or cabin). In this blog post, we’ll discover what the main difference is and why, whichever option you go for, they both make a great investment.

Granny Flat or Granny Flat Shed?

Essentially, a granny flat is a second dwelling on the same site as the main residence. It will contain all the essential features (bathroom and cooking facilities for example) of the main home, just on a much smaller scale. They are sometimes called granny flat sheds or cabins, and while they sound similar, a granny flat shed differs from a regular granny flat in what it can be used for. A granny flat can be used for:

  • Extra living space for the homeowner or their family.
  • Temporary accommodation for visiting family or friends.
  • A residence that can be rented out.

A granny flat shed can be used for all these purposes EXCEPT they cannot be legally rented out as a habitable building.

A Granny Flat From All About Sheds

Our range of Cabins and Granny Flats make the perfect addition to your home. Not only are they affordable but they can also be as simple or individualised as you like. For example, the attractive Granny Flat in the main image features:

  • Extended Eaves (all lined)
  • Insulated walls and roof
  • Horizontal Corrugated with Stud walls
  • Class1a Slab and Building

It makes the perfect 1 bedroom unit and is more affordable than you might imagine. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your Granny Flat vision. We tailor our services to meet your needs and are always happy to provide a free quote.