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Can I Live in a Shed in My Backyard?

Question: Am I allowed to live in a shed?
Answer: Maybe

Whether you’re thinking about living in a shed during construction, or you’re considering building a livable shed, there’s a lot you need to consider before you move in. From council regulations to foundation design, here’s what you need to know about building a shed home.

Liveable Sheds: Fast Facts

In essence, you can’t live in any old shed you have on your property. For a shed to be considered liveable by local authorities in Australia, it must be a Class 1a livable dwelling. So, unless you have specifically converted a shed into a home, it is likely to be considered an outbuilding which falls under class 10a and is considered non-habitable under the Building code of Australia.

What is a Class 1a Livable Shed?

Each local council will have specific regulations, but generally speaking, these are some of the major construction standards that must be met:

  • The foundation design must meet the criteria of the Building Code of Australia
  • Sanitary facilities (shower, basin and toilet) connected to sewerage (or on-site waste management system) are required
  • Connection of town water or tank water
  • Installation of smoke alarm
  • Kitchen sink and cooking facilities
  • Space for a washing machine
  • Compliance with bushfire and flood regulations

You will need to contact your local council for a full list of applicable construction standards as contained in the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, 1979 and Council’s Development Control Plans (DCP’s).

Livable Sheds Nowra

If you are thinking of transforming a shed into a living space in Nowra or the surrounding Shoalhaven, get in touch with All About Sheds Nowra. We can provide professional advice on development approval, a choice of cabins and granny flats, and information specific to Shoalhaven Council.