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Australia’s Best Worst Shed

Australia’s Best Worst Shed

Australia’s Best Worst Shed is a unique competition that awards $30k to the owner of the best worst shed in the country! Check out the video below to learn more … 

Australia’s Best Worst Shed Winners

Based on the number of entries, it would seem that there are plenty of tumbledown shacks out there! Winners were drawn on 21 January 2022. Check them out below!

 Australia's Best Worst Shed
 Australia's Best Worst Shed
 Australia's Best Worst Shed

Cameron K of Clifden, NSW was awarded 1st place for his entry ‘Built with Bare Hands’.

“I can’t wait to get rid of that monstrosity and build something a bit more modern that I can be proud of! At the very least, something to store things in that won’t turn them into hard rubbish by the next year. Thank you very much to Fair Dinkum Builds and to the sponsors for this.”

Cameron K

Laura O of North Arm, QLD won 2nd place with her entry ‘fire sucks’. Laura lost her shed, which was used to make custom astronomy equipment, to a fire but now has $20,000 to rebuild.

“We’re the only business of our kind in the Southern Hemisphere, so this was a massive loss – not just to us, but to the three amazing local guys we worked with and our clients and community.”

Laura O

Third place went to Robert G of Brogo, NSW with his ‘Makeshift Shack’. Sadly, this shed was also lost to fire.

“With the old shed completely destroyed I’d lost my little piece of paradise, and even though I did what I could with the materials it’s definitely not the same! Really excited to have this opportunity from Fair Dinkum Builds to rebuild at last.”

Robert G

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